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Posted by Shaker B. on 02 October 2017 02:03 PM

WHOIS and DNS information are where control over a domain take place on the Internet, and we take your security seriously. The account holder (and listed owners and contacts for a domain) are, by definition, the people who control it, and have the final say about it. As registrar and/or DNS host for a domain, we keep track of who can control that information for you, and due diligence means we have to take steps to keep it secure. When you create an account at easyDNS, it's important that the information used is kept up to date, with real names and numbers. We don't share that information with ANYONE, and it's what we'll need in case you need help accessing your account in the future. Your password should also be strong, and stored somewhere safely (encrypted, written on a piece of paper in a safe, etc..). Just like a bank account secures your money, that access gives you final control over a domain, so it's recommended that you treat it the same way.

We've even written a little booklet on it that you can access from the resources section of your user's control panel called The Definitive Guide To Never Losing Your Domain.

All that said, sometimes passwords get lost, people leave companies and all kinds of things can happen, so we have processes set up to help you get access to your domain in such events. Depending on the situation, these can be as simple as clicking a link or as time-consuming as providing legal documentation. These processes are in place to make sure that no one but the proper owners and account holders have access to a domain, and we have to follow them properly.

Here are the most commonly encountered situations we've run into. Remember that you can always contact support by phone or e-mail if you need a hand.

I forgot my password!

When you choose a password, it's encrypted on our end, so there's no way we can see it either. If you've forgotten it, or the person who set it up has left the company, you can reset it by going to our password reset page and answering the questions you selected for verification when you set up the account.

But I don't remember the answers to the secret questions!

If you don't remember what you answered, or the person who set up the account is gone from the company (but you're the rightful account holders), no problem. Contact our support team and we'll use the contact information we have on file (both email & phone) to verify you and get things sorted.

NOTE: If you'd like to try and attempt to reset your account password with your security answers, you can do so HERE.

We've moved and changed the email address on file!

Here's where things start to get a bit more complicated. If the information we have on file for the account or domain (if we're the registrars, then the whois is something we can use) is no longer valid, then we have to make sure we're dealing with the right folks before we give you access. Contact us with the domain name in question, and let us know the situation, and our Compliance Team will determine what we'll need to help you. We know it can be frustrating, but please understand that the security of our account holders and domain owners is our first priority.

Someone else created the account for us!

Ownership of a domain and control of an account are two different matters.

As a company, easyDNS enters into a business relationship, in good faith, with the person who signs up for an account. That person is responsible for keeping the information in the account up to date and correct. They are also responsible for controlling who has access to the WHOIS and DNS information for the domains in that account.

Our Caprica interface is designed to allow account holders to share access to the domains in their accounts with other users. We understand, however, that for various reasons, control of a domain belonging to one person (or company) might be in an account which is registered to another person (or company).

As a company, we have a very definite responsibility to our account holders. As a registrar, we have similar responsibilities to our domain owners.We have policy/procedures for domain name access for domain names using easyDNS for DNS services only and policy/procedures for domain names registered with easyDNS.


For domain access where easyDNS is the DNS provider only please contact us at


For domain names easyDNS is the registrar for:

When the registrant is an individual:

We will require a copy of the signed and government issue photo ID of the registrant listed in the domains Whois record. Also required is a signed statement from that individual requesting access to the domain name. A new easyDNS account may be required under specific circumstances.

When the registrant is not an individual:

In order to allow you access to your organizations domain name, which may involve moving the domain to another easyDNS member account, we require a signed faxed request from an officer of the company as listed in it's incorporation documents. 

(Incorporation documents also required) If not incorporated, any 'official' documentation with the signing officer(s) being displayed will suffice. 


Please send this request on letterhead and include the articles of incorporation documents for the organization plus a valid piece of government issued photo ID for the officer [i.e.: driving license, passport, etc.]. State that the owner of the domain needs it moved to another easyDNS account (if required) you specify by providing the username.

easyDNS will not give out private information regarding an account or domain, nor will we provide access to an account or domain to anyone who is not the account holder or able to prove they have the legal right to act for them.

If you are the owner of a domain (as displayed in the WHOIS information for the domain) but the domain is in an easyDNS account which is not in your name or under your control, we have a procedure in place for this as well.

The best thing to do, of course, is speak with the person who set this up for you, and get them to sort things out. Just create your own easyDNS account (this is free of course) and ask them to move the domain into it (also free!) and you will then have control.

If you are unable to contact the person or company in question, set up an account as mentioned above, and contact our support team by phone or email. We'll check proof of ownership through a series of procedures, then move the domain into your account. The process isn't immediate, as you might understand, and we appreciate your understanding in the matter.

Our security processes are there to protect our clients and domain owners.

To avoid having to worry about any of this, check out the guide listed above and make sure to keep your account and WHOIS information up to date!

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