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D-Zone is an Anycast Secondary DNS service offered by the .CA Registry, CIRA. If your domain is mission critical, then you should be considering redundancy for the zonefile. This will spread your zonefile over multiple networks and eliminate the single point of failure that can potentially occur during events like DDoS attacks.

CIRA has built a global infrastructure of Anycast nameservers to back up your primary DNS. D-Zone offers high reliability, reduced latency, and DDoS mitigation through a network of geographically distributed nameservers.

easyDNS has integrated this option in your member's account for a quick set up and nameservers management if we are the registrar. 

The process to use CIRA's D-Zone with easyDNS is as follows:

1. Log into your easyDNS account
2. Click on MANAGE for said domain (you should now be within the DOMAIN ADMINISTRATION page)

dzone with easydns

3. Click on the INTEGRATIONS tab
4. Within the INTEGRATIONS field, click on CIRA D-ZONE

dzone with easydns

5. Click NEXT

dzone with easydns

6. Choose one of the options provided and click on NEXT

dzone with easydns

7. Confirm your selection by clicking on NEXT

dzone with easydns

8. Pay for invoice

Once payment is completed we will start the process of getting the zone file on the CIRA D-Zone nameservers. We will e-mail you when we are sure they have the zone file and we've delegated your domain to the D-Zone nameservers. This can take a couple of hours to process.

If your domain is NOT registered through easyDNS, then we'll provide you the D-Zone nameservers to delegate to. 

For more information on D-Zone, please visit CIRA's page HERE.

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