Registering A .CA Domain
Posted by on 17 June 2016 12:20 PM

Registering a .CA domain is a little different than your typical domain extension. 

CIRA (the Canadian Internet Registration Authority) uses a system of registrant contacts that have to be created for a domain to be assigned before the domain can be registered. This is part of the registration process for .CA domains. 

Here's a step by step guide on how to register for a .CA domain:  

1. Log into your easyDNS account
2. Click the ADD A DOMAIN link on the left sidebar menu

adding .ca domain with easydns

3. Under REGISTER A NEW DOMAIN, enter your domain name and click NEXT

adding .ca domain with easydns

4. Choose your service level and click NEXT

adding .ca domain with easydns

5. Select how long you'd like the service for and click on NEXT

adding .ca domain with easydns

6. You can either choose to use existing ownership information from another .CA domain within your account or choose a new CANADIAN PRESENCE REQUIREMENT. Enter your ownership information and click on NEXT

NOTE: Entering information that is not correct can result in losing your domain later on. For example if you are not a legally incorporated company don't enter that you are. If you are an incorporated company, make sure you enter the full incorporated company name, along with the ending (such as INC. or LTD.)

adding .ca domain with easydns

7. Click on CHECKOUT

adding .ca domain with easydns

8. Choose your method of payment and click on PAY

Once you've made a payment for your .CA domain name, you'll need to confirm your Registrant ID as per CIRA's requirements. You can find your Registrant ID on your DOMAIN ADMINISTRATION page, under the DOMAIN SETTINGS tab:

adding .ca domain with easydns

NOTE: Registrant IDs can be used for multiple domains. If you don't see your Registrant ID and the red CIRA CONFIRMATION link within your DOMAIN ADMINISTRATION page, it means you've most likely approved the ID with another domain name.

You'll need to copy your Registrant ID (the letters and numbers between the brackets) and confirm it through the red CIRA CONFIRMATION link shown above. You'll need to do the following on the confirmation page:

  • Check off the 3 boxes agreeing to CIRAs conditions
  • Paste your Registrant ID that you copied earlier into the REGISTRAR PROVIDED CONTACT ID area
  • Enter the captcha shown
  • Click on I AGREE

adding .ca domain with easydns

Once your Registrant ID has been confirmed, your domain should be officially registered, and you should receive a confirmation email from CIRA.

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