Upgrading/Downgrading Your Service Level
Posted by on 03 August 2016 12:09 PM

Upgrading/downgrading your service level is a simple process with easyDNS and can be done through your control panel. Also please note that there are no hidden costs or additional fees for service level changes other than paying the prorated difference if you are upgrading.

NOTE: If you find that upon renewing the domain you are still seeing the old service level price, there's probably a preexisting invoice for the old service level. You will need to cancel the invoice and proceed with the renewal again.
NOTE: If you are downgrading your service level (if applicable), our systems will credit the difference to your account. You can see your current credit balance under the YOUR INFO link on the left sidebar menu.

To change your service level please do the following:

1. Log into your easyDNS account
2. Click on MANAGE for said domain (this will bring you to the DOMAIN ADMINISTRATION page)

upgrading and downgrading with easydns

3. Click on the DOMAIN SETTINGS tab

upgrading and downgrading with easydns

5. Choose the service level you would like to change to
6. Click on NEXT

upgrading and downgrading with easydns

7. Confirm the service level features you will be keeping/losing and click NEXT

upgrading and downgrading with easydns

NOTE: If you are downgrading and are currently using a feature that is specific to that service level, you will be prompted to disable this feature before continuing. Once you've done so you can continue with the process.

8. If your there is an additional charge for your upgrade, an invoice will be created, and payment must be made before the upgrade is applied. Otherwise just click on NEXT to confirm your changes.

upgrading and downgrading with easydns

NOTE: If you would like to upgrade or downgrade any other easyDNS service but do not see the option, please contact our support team.
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