Cloning Domains
Posted by Shaker B. on 14 June 2016 02:51 PM

Cloning your domain allows you to copy the configurations from an existing domain instead of creating a whole new zone file.

Clicking the CLONE link for a given domain will allow you to select what applicable domain you wish to set as the parent from a pull-down menu. However before cloning please note that BOTH domains must be subscribed to the same service level.

To clone a domain please do the following:

1. Log into your easyDNS account
2. Click on MANAGE for said domain (this will bring you to the DOMAIN ADMINISTRATION page)

cloning domains with easyDNS

3. Click on the DOMAIN SETTINGS tab
4. In the DOMAIN MANAGEMENT field, click on CLONE

cloning domains with easyDNS

5. Choose the domain you'd like to clone and confirm your choice
6. Click on NEXT

cloning domains with easyDNS

7. Confirm your changes

You should now notice that one of your domains is currently being cloned off of another on your list of domains. 

cloning domains with easyDNS

NOTE: To unclone a domain name just click on UNCLONE.
NOTE: You may get an error during the cloning process letting you know that the current domain cannot be cloned due to xxxx reason. Once you've gone through the process of fixing this, you should be able to clone properly. 

cloning domains with easyDNS

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