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Transferring a domain over to easyDNS is a simple process, but will require the user to go between the two registrars. Users should also note that it can typically take 3-7 days to transfer a domain successfully from the time the authorization code is provided. Transfers will time out after 7 days if the request is not confirmed so if this happens to you please contact our support team to resubmit your request.

NOTE: Domains are not transferable for the first 60 days of their initial registration.

At Your Current Registrar

Before transferring over to easyDNS you will need to do the following at your current registrar:

1. Disable the registry lock for the domain (also referred to as unlocking your domain)
2. Obtain your authorization code for the transfer (also referred to as an EPP code, CIRA code/password along with other variations). The current registrar must provide you with the code within 5 calendar days of your request.
3. Disable your Whois Privacy if enabled

NOTE: Because of the variations between registrars we won't be able to tell you how to do the above. Access to these features should be available from within your control panel but you may need to contact your registrar directly. You can also refer to this for information on how to transfer from specific registrars.

At easyDNS

Once the above has been completed at your current registrar, it's time to transfer the domain over to easyDNS.

1. Log into your easyDNS account
2. Click on the ADD A DOMAIN link on the left sidebar menu

NOTE: If you don't have an easyDNS account you can just go to our main homepage at You will end up creating a free account during the transfer process.

transferring domains to easyDNS

4. Enter your domain name and click on BEGIN

NOTE: If your extension does not appear in our drop down menu, just type it in the box along with the domain name itself. If you get a message saying the domain extension is not available please contact our support team.

transferring domains to easyDNS

5. Choose your service level and click CONTINUE

NOTE: Users will be asked if they would like to automatically switch to easyDNS servers. If you opt in, it is important that you enter your DNS settings immediately after payment.
NOTE: For .CA domains the password for the transfer is requested before generating the invoice. As soon as this is paid, the transfer will go through almost immediately. To avoid any possibility of downtime we recommend that the domain FIRST be added in for DNS service only.

transferring domains to easyDNS

6. Enter domain ownership and contact details
7. Confirm your information and click on CONTINUE
8. Agree to our Terms and Conditions and choose your method of payment

Once the invoice has been paid, the domain will appear within your easyDNS account. At this point an email would have been sent to the Administrative contact for the domain with further instructions on what to do with your Authorization code (this is why you disable your Whois Privacy at your current registrar). If you did not receive this email because of an invalid Admin address you will need to contact our support team to resubmit the transfer.

NOTE: You can also bypass this step by having us put in the code for you. You will need to send this request through the EASY-DOES.IT link from within your account. However, please note that this feature isn't available for some domain extensions.

Once the Authorization code has been put in, the transfer will be initiated. Please note that transfers can take up to 7 days to complete with the exception of .CA domains which only take a few hours. At this point changes to the nameservers or DNS information will NOT take affect until the transfer has been finalized so please make sure to make all necessary changes BEFORE putting in your code.

*Avoiding Any Downtime*

To avoid any possibility of downtime, it’s important to be sure you have the DNS set up and delegated BEFORE finalizing the transfer. This is especially important if the transfer includes switching over to using the easyDNS nameservers and DNS services as well as registration. To ensure a seamless transfer with no downtime please do the following:

At easyDNS

NOTE: You will first need to get a copy of your zone records from your current DNS provider in a plain text format.

1. Log into your easyDNS account
2. Click on the DNS link for the transferring domain (this will bring you to your DNS SETTINGS page)

transferring domains to easyDNS

3. Click on the MODULAR EDITOR tab
4. Enter the zone records by clicking on the wrench tools

transferring domains to easyDNS

Once you've double checked to see if your records are correct you will need to delegate to our nameservers at your current registrar.

NOTE: Although we recommend putting in your zone information manually to ensure accuracy, users do have several options. Please see this for further information.

At Your Current Registrar

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you precisely how to do it as every registrar has a different set-up. However the basic principle is as follows:

1. Log into your account at whatever registrar you are transferring from
2. Find the NAMESERVERS or DELEGATION section for your domain in the configurations
3. Enter the easyDNS nameservers you were provided in your confirmation email

If you are unsure of what nameservers you should be using, please refer to this tutorial.

Once you've put in your easyDNS nameservers, please allow up to 3 hours for the information to propagate worldwide.

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